Thursday, January 19, 2012

if you were a bug in our home, you'd hear this...

earlier this week, we decided to have a living room overhaul. 
when i say "we", i mainly mean "me".

because the mister loves things the way they are but i am always trying to spruce up, dress up, refashion, upholster something or other. 
but when inspiration strikes... he knows better than to argue with me... 

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so after hours of moving furniture around from one end to another, going through multiple "urm.. maybe we should flip the desk to face the other way.." & "geee.. not quite feeling it. can we move it back?". naturally, as i was busying bossing him around, he did most of the heavy lifting...
but we finally got to this happy compromise.

me :: perfect! i love it! isn't it muuuch better?
him :: of course honey.
me :: i was thinking.. all we need is a cluster of lanterns there to draw the focus to that cosy corner.
him (in all seriousness):: of course we do. 

gotta love this guy!! 

p.s. we have 100 followers this week! yipperooos! 
thanks for reading and hanging out with me..


  1. i haven't been to your place in such a long time! maybe it's time to stop by and see how you've redone the place :)

  2. I dragged my boyfriend to Ikea this weekend and he was NOT amused. Also not amused with the Ikea assembly after. He could learn something from D!

  3. @ohmyomiyage

    its not a biggie but i flipped all my furniture around! i think i'll make some pomanders and lanterns next week!

    keen to his our secret craft heaven?


  4. @Yi-Ling

    lol! :) i think D doesn't love it all. but he picks his battles. he'd rather be involved with my craft projects than be the subject of my wrath! :)


  5. yes!! let's go!! i can pick up some stuff for the canapé party too :) i can help you make the pomanders - we can make it into a dual craft day! depending on what color lanterns you want, you can always borrow them from me rather than having to buy them~ I have quite a few reds, pinks, and yellows!

  6. Nice! I'd love to do up my place with some lanterns too but doubt the Man would let me in on that thought. Hehe..

  7. Yay for taking lead into the rearranging! :D Sometimes there's a need for changes in our living spaces.

  8. @Lady J

    whyyyyy!? :) its kinda cute? or is he concerned about the superstitious aspects?



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