Tuesday, January 31, 2012

diy :: little chinese hat with a ponytail

there must be a fancy name to this hat but the title will have to do for now! 

in typical allender style, we decided so last minute that we ran out of time to order muu an outfit online.

good thing i always have felt, yarn and tape on hand!

& cut 6  mini felt leaves using red and black.

too tiny to machine stitch so i sewed it by hand.

used another piece of felt to reinforce the base..

favorite part :: the braiding..

attached the faux braid...

musashi's last minute new year outfit! 

i would have loved to make him some chinese pajamas to go with it but given my time constraints, i thought it was a fair effort!! do you get creative under pressure?


  1. Awww well isn't this just adorable??? :D

  2. @Jian

    thanks jian! :) just like you find it in chinatown except much smaller!

  3. Awww~ soo cute! I'm sure there are pictures with Muu wearing it too...? ;D

  4. @tiffyama

    yeah! :) right here! :)




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