Friday, December 2, 2011

three things i've learnt from musashi

a while back at thanksgiving, i mentioned that musashi is such an unexpected blessing. unexpected cos we definitely didn't plan to own this little pumpkin. but he's a doll so he'd be fun to dress up and what's not to love about that, right??

but our furkid is that and so much more. 
here are some lessons we've learnt from this little man...

1- each day, musashi wakes up with that boundless energy and joy for life. every single day he is like a little happy pill. but he'd refuse to leave the bedroom until he is sufficiently loved. in turn, he pushes us to wake up earlier (or go to work later) to sneak in extra cuddle time. so important to everyone, isn't it?

2- each day, muu is grateful for his food. he's not some puppy-gourmet. it's always the same mix of kibble & chicken. nothing spectacular but he enjoys it like its the best thing ever. in the same way, he appreciates every toy i make for him. it's all about the simple thing in life.

3- each day, when we come home, regardless of time or how sucky the day/weather has been, muu is ever so excited to welcome us home. he doesn't rest well until everyone is home and accounted for. he is truly the mascot for "home is where you are." his excitement forces us to leave all the stress and poopiness at the door and jump right into home mode. what a spectacular reminder...

muu says "cuddle more!!"

p.s. muu-muu, thanks for choosing us as your parents!!
we're truly the lucky ones.


  1. So true! We love you so much, Muu!!!


  2. Thats is so true!
    Aww, I miss my corgi now ;(

  3. omg that first picture has to be one of the cutest i've seen! aww muu beans.. everyone loves him!

  4. I feel the same about my fat, exotic cat. Always demanding cuddles and such a mischievous, happy chappy.

    Most of my friends think i'm that crazy cat person always talking about my pet like its a child. Meeh. i don't care. i'm pretty sure you don't either. *huuugsss* to muu!!!!

  5. @ohmyomiyage

    Getting taro to love him is the real achievement of the year!!!! ;) ;)

  6. @guerrrilla fur kids are kids too!!! Where is your kitty cat? In Australia?

  7. only fellow furparents will understand. I agree totally! =)

  8. @E. Kay

    me too! just away for the weekend and i miss him already!

  9. my fatty is in Perth with me at the moment!! We had to stay in one of those cat "hotels" when we went off for a week to Bali for my reception. Where does Muu go when you're out of town? At a friends? :D

  10. @guerrrilla

    hahah!! :) muu is one lucky chap! his grandparents fly up all the time to babysit him. each time we mention "pet hotel", one of them will fly up! :)

    like magic! :)


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