Friday, December 23, 2011

five things in red

i was this close to talking the mother in law into getting a red tartan cape from muji. THIS close! i might just tip her over the edge if we go once more... it could be the holidays or the love in the air but i've been particularly inspired by red this week!! 

here are some fun things around the house in red. 

a fun project for the twenty fifth...

a red-ish (fuscia to be exact) ribbon medal. 

i wore it to work and was told by a co-worker the students won't take me seriously.. oh well.. i'll celebrate in my house then!

intricately handmade by auntie cynthia to welcome the year of the dragon!

red hearts.

shh.. muu is having a sleep-in with his security blankie.  

what color is your christmas this year?


  1. carnivaaaaale!! heh. very kitch, neon-bright pop colours, quirky little bits and bobs.....

    i wanna add, the calendar your auntie C made is friggin amazing can?? is your entire family craft capable? my gosh. super crazy!!

  2. @guerrrilla

    how cute! i wanna see! :) you of all people can pull it off!!!

    she is madly creative. and the best part is, her handicraft is so intricate and perfect to the details!! im floored!!


  3. red, green, blue, white--these are the popular colors for Xmas here in US. We are not so "color-conscious" in Russia. Maybe more gold and more sparkle...

  4. Aww, red always seems to bring joy during the holidays. :] I think purple can bring a similar feeling though! It's not a traditional holiday color...but it's nice and bright. :D

    (BTW, new follower! Your doggy is soo cute!)

  5. Red is my favorite go to color... That calendar is beautiful!

  6. @tiffyama

    hi tiffyama! :) purple is definitely a unique holiday color!! :)

    thanks for following! :)


  7. @yours truly, melissa

    i don't know why i naturally gravitate towards reds! :)

    isn't it gorgeous!?

  8. aw what cute christmas ornaments!! also, what an amazing calendar for the new year!! your auntie is super crafty!


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