Wednesday, December 14, 2011

doggie party:: the details

im fighting a winter cold today so feeling a little miserable but looking at these party pictures makes me all tingley and warm inside! 

party lights framing the buffet table

the feast themed around hotdogs. 
(gettit?? hot dog cos muu is a hawt dog??)
ok.. now i know why the husband says its not funny when i explain my jokes.

LOVED our polka dotted cups!

yummy fruit soda..

healthy snacks

not so healthy snacks...

jen's fabulous truffle mac & cheese

daniel's favorite...

post dinner snackies

served on a takoyaki platter... 

dog bone treats for adults...

pumpkin cupcakes! (aren't the patterns cute!!) 

carrot & banana doggie cake for the baby...

thanks for loving me!! best birthday ever!!!



  1. OMG! All that for 5 of you!!!

    Muu is one lucky pooch!

  2. @kennytricia

    i know right!? we were totally stuffed at the end of the night! :)


  3. OMG - so darn darling.. I LOVE it.. You did such a FAB job.. Sooo adorably CUTE.. : )) LOVE it..

  4. nice! where did u get the poka dots cups and the fruit soda?

  5. @Marilyn

    thanks so much, hon! :)

    ooo your blog is a chockful of goodies!! xx

  6. @Anonymous

    we got them from party store in tokyo!

    and the fruit soda is from my friend! i'll email to ask her where she got them from! they're super fun...

  7. thats the most awesome doggy bday party. ever!!!!
    waffs is giving me the stink eye : y u no gimme this kind of party!!! tsk!!

    happy belated bday muu! :) if u guys move back to SG, we can have celebrate their bdays together. hehe

  8. @sue oooooo we can have a white and fluffie theme! Everyone needs to come in something white and fluffy!! Fun!!!! ;)

    I have ideas already! Now just to find the job that will relocate us home!! Xx


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