Saturday, December 24, 2011

bokeh hearts fun at home..

we've been messing around with some home-made diy bokeh filters which are so easy and so much fun! this is our quick trial on our christmas tree!!
 i see hearts!!!

muu with our tree. 
haha.. we need to improve on the technique a little more! :)

how are you spending your christmas eve, loves!? we're cleaning the house a little and wrapping last minute gifts and daniel is going to make his fabulous baby-neck clams vongole with champagne!
yummers!! what are you folks up to? 


  1. Aw, heart bokehs are so cute! Sounds like you'll be having a wonderful Christmas Eve. ^^

    I think I'll be hanging out with some friends and then having dinner with my family at night. :] Can't believe Christmas day is almost here!

  2. It did! The fastest year ever!! (that I can remember...) XD

  3. merry christmas love!! those bokeh hearts are so much fun!

  4. @punkychewster

    they're super easy to make too! :) we made a whole bunch with different shapes to play with!


  5. oh phew!! i was about to get these filters for daniel's xmas present! good thing I didn't!!

  6. Hi.. hoping over from Wini's blog picks and gonna add on your blog on my list of reads ;)

    Been wanting to try out this filter.. looks really cute! Now gotta get me some black paper and get down to crafting..

  7. @Lady J

    hi lady j! :) thanks for visiting! this one is a particularly fun and easy craft! we'll make a bunch to play with once the christmas madness is over!


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