Wednesday, November 9, 2011

weekend adventures:: tokyo designers week 2011

last year when tokyo designers week happened, we were brand new tokyoites. we wandered curiously into their grounds where they were having a designer bike showcase and we took a ride on some pretty awesome bicycles which were not even for sale at the moment but didn't get a chance to go into the big tent. which always left me wondering :: what is in that huge tent!? 

so this year, i left no questions unanswered. braved the drizzle and went to tokyo designers week!!

this way folks!

i wasn't too sure what the photography policy was so i didn't go all crazy with the camera. just a few quick iphone snaps here and there! i particularly like this booth ... the fabrics they used were amazing! i stood there for such a long time. this kind of design, i get! :) 

this section was a display of traditional earthenware, bits and bobs with a modern design twist of course... it was displayed in a labyrinth of wooden planks. from the outside it looks pretty enclosed. but when you walk in, the sticks get shorter and you feel like you're in the middle of a private intimate space, just you and the product. 

 of course there were other types of art that i didn't get.

and cute little installations by students displayed in the rain. the enthusiastic students, in their rain ponchos stood in the pelting rain describing their work so passionately to the visitors. i thought that was pretty cool. 

some treats from the big tent. meet my new bunny phone! :)

it even has a silly bunny tail to prop it up! 

and a calender for 2012 by kimu design studio

each page is a tear out that can be used as wrapping paper. the colors are different for each day of the week! how cute!! i'll definitely be making use of this eco-friendly calender next year!! 

be ready for cute gifts! :) 



  1. looks like a fun place! the table with the plastic dolls reminds me of Jonathan Adler's boob lamp :)

  2. it looked fun!! haha i love that iphone case - sooo cute!

  3. @kennytricia

    when you first said boob. i was thinking.. so i really want to see. actually turns out not as shocking as i expected! :)

  4. @ohmyomiyage

    great weapon on busy subway trains! keeps the salarymen at a distance!

  5. Thank you so much! your blog is fantastic:D Can't wait to see the cute gifts next year!
    by KIMU design studio

  6. @kelly lin

    yikes! :) thanks for visiting! it was lovely meeting you !



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