Wednesday, November 23, 2011

three times' the charm...

our apartment is in a building with 360-mirrored glass so glass cleaning happens really often. when it happens, the security team puts up notices in the foyer for all residents. but as you know im hopelessly unable to read japanese...

i also have a habit of cleaning the house in reeeeeaaaaly comfy clothes (ie my underwear). i don't have a good explanation for that. but like it said, its really comfy and who cares? no ones watching... 

so the first time i made a booboo, i called the husband, all freaked out hiding in my kitchen with my curtains fully open.. "baby!! the notice said they are cleaning on WOOD day but today is WATER day... way... can't be wood day today.... moon day, fire day, water day.. SHUTTHEFRONTDOOR it's wood day today!!". apparently he finds it hilarious.

the next time it happened, he warned me and so when i saw japanese ninja-like men scaling down my windows, i was not shocked and respectfully dressed. but once they were done, they moved on. and i got into cleaning mode. the house has to be cleaned, y'know? but what do you know? ninjas that come abseiling down your windows need to come back up again? 
so second time offender - guilty as charged.

this week, i promise i had not planned to be still sleep at 10am.
when i was woken up by them arduously squeegeeing my bedroom window. i nearly died.

*face palm* 

well... at least i know for the rest of the week i can clean in peace.
i guess every job has their bonuses.. bah..



  1. Lol, you are hilarious! Love how you guys use the literal translation of the days of the week instead of translating them to Monday-Sunday. :p

  2. pffff.... sorry, but tht is really funny!

  3. @Ms.Godzilla

    it was funny the first time... but after that.. completely ridiculous!

    let me know if you managed to find the fabric store! :)

  4. hahah... i second cleaning the house in underwear is the comfiest :)

    the window cleaners will now know to make your windows extra clean the next time they come :)

  5. @kennytricia

    glad im not the only weirdo that cleans in my undies! Lol!


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