Wednesday, November 30, 2011

swimming in the japanese public pool

i've very recently started swimming again at the tokyo metropolitan gym pool.. (yayy! little step for me!) but i've been so into it i've kept to my weekly swims so far! after my vacation, i plan to increase that to twice a week to fight the winter flub!!

cameras are strictly prohibited in the pool so i thought to share some pictures of 10 most amazing public pools in the world via cup of jo

for starts, the pool is 5 mins on the bike away from home so its super duper convenient. at 600 yen per visit (up to a maximum of two hours), i reckon its a great deal! the pool is amazingly clean. they have hourly clean-ups to maintain pool cleanliness. the water is maintained at around 28 degrees and at PH 7. after swimming, i don't feel all chlorinated and gross. the staff are really nice and the locker rooms are dry and clean. its not super glamorous but as public baths go, i was pleasantly surprised.

here are some basic rules for the pool::

dress up:: you have to wear a one piece bathing suit and a swim cap at all times. 
accessorize:: absolutely no-no. 
before you enter the pool:: shower
in the pool: no over-taking in lane. the lanes are carefully separated by speed so stick to your group and follow the pack. no stopping in the middle of a lap.

and after you swim, treat yourself to a huge soapy scrub down and a hot soak in the sento. both private and japanese-style booths are available. a nice hot bath is the nicest way to sooth your sore muscles and beat winter cold!! as expected, the japanese do things a little differently so there are little machines to help dry your wet clothes, tell your blood pressure, sports massage parlors and even a little "health clinic". everything very well thought of!! 

they also have a gym and classes in the same complex and i spotted some ladies and bunheads on monday morning. next up, ballet class! :)

{pictures via here}



  1. Gorgeous pool! The scrub down sounds nice. :) I can't swim so I wouldn't know anything about having fun swimming, but I'm glad you did. =D

    Hey btw, I'm hosting a giveaway! Come check it out if you get a chance. Herringbone Wool Clutch GIVEAWAY

  2. how very organised! keep to your speed limit and stay on your lane!

    I love heated pools...

  3. @Amy Stewart

    im terrible at trying new things so this was a little baby step in the right direction!

    what an awesome giveaway! :) i'll definitely check it out!

  4. @kennytricia

    i was initially mortified by all the rules but it kinda makes sense! its such an easy swim!

  5. makes me appreciate the ease of being able to swim here back home.. =)

  6. Thanks for writing abour a Japanese pool. I think we have some similar rules (mostly taking a shower before and after) here in califirnia. Usually, local fitness clubs have pools. + they offer different classes (yoga, cycling, etc.) Do you have many fitness clubs in Tokio? Thanks.

  7. @OksanaB

    yeah they have private fitness clubs around tokyo too! but it usually comes with quite a hefty pricetag! :)

  8. Hmm, a one-piece for ladies, how interesting. I also like the idea of a hot soak after a good swim!

    But I just have to ask: Do you feel very sluggish swimming in a heated pool? I imagine I would! (The freezing cold pools in SG make me swim super fast to heat myself up!)

  9. @olimomok

    im a wuss! i think that 27 degrees is chilly!! so im like you! i swim super fast so i can warm up! :) lol

    p.s. i totally didn't own any one-pieces until i came to japan!

  10. That sounds like such a lovely swimming experience - our changing rooms are horrid - cold and dirty! If I come to Japan I'll be sure to have a swim! xxx

  11. @Mrs. Exeter

    you should definitely give it a go! hard to believe that they put in so much effort for public pools!


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