Monday, November 21, 2011

nippori fashion show 2011:: the scoop

chie from vivat veritas invited me to a nippori fashion show to check out some ideas of budding japanese designers. i was just about to attend my first fashion show!! so welding my chunky slr (and no clue how to use it..), i turned up bright eyed and bushy-tailed excited to absorb it all it!

pre-show buzz.

i really wanna draw like that!!
the ideas were nothing short of spectacular and super innovative...

inspired by gardening..

 shaped in a rain-drop, this one is adorable..

i thought this one was cute!

but in all, i think this is the only one i would actually wear out...
a playful slouchy playsuit with leather features
this was my favorite shoe. the rest were sadly disappointing... 

the models were students from a chinese modelling school so at the end of the competitions, they'd put together a chinese-inspired fashion show for the audience while the judges deliberate over the scores...

 i was fascinated by this pompom shoe.
inspiration for diy!! :)

and i liked the fish-tail in this dress.

but the show kinda went in a different direction and they started showcasing poofy dresses like you'd see mass-produced in wedding stores, think tacky ill-fitting dresses with adjustable laced up back... 

sitting across from us, the japanese designers were appalled! check out the guy on the left and his death stare! and oh! how about the lady on the right, fast asleep?? lol

so in all, there were some goodies and some (really) weird stuff happening there! but i had a fabulous time & hopefully chie will submit her designs next year! we spent the rest of the afternoon choosing fabric for our own little fashion pursuits.. so much fun!



  1. I love some of the first ones! They are cuuute! For some reason the one inspired by gardening reminds me of a borrower from Arrietty! (sp?)

    LOL at the Chinese inspired fashion show! Must have been pretty strange to see tack coming out! Love how you snapped the Jp designer's faces! XD

  2. great!! it seems very cool! kisses

  3. @Jian

    it was appalling! i had to hold back my giggles! odd way to end the show!

  4. @AB FAB Team

    thanks for visiting! it was great fun for my first!! hopefully i get to go to more in future!

  5. OH!Just stumbled on your site. I used to live in Japan and loved their fashion! and Design Fiesta!

  6. @.::Ling::.

    welcome to my blog! :) glad to have met you! design fiesta is super cool...


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