Friday, November 4, 2011

letters from doggie:: twenty one

dear all,

y'all know my dad is such a fabulous man in so many ways, right? but did you know what when it comes to certain things, he can get a little... intense. like his work. like his running. like the way he cuts his bacon. like last week, we were out sharing pizzas on the patio having a wonderful time so mummy wanted a picture of both of us to remember the moment. 

snapppp.. not too bad?

except muumuu wasn't smiling and mummy was hiding behind muu's head. 
so daddy said so. and made mummy mad.

so mummy told muumuu a dirty dark secret. 
but muumuu's not a little snitch so can't tell you.
but muumuu is judging you, papi!! 



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