Friday, November 18, 2011

letter from doggie:: twenty two

 hi y'all,

how's it going? its getting really chilly in tokyo these days so i've been lazy. 
(as with mummy too..)  

this week, i was feeling a little blue cos i missed saying bye to daddy one morning. i was all bundled up in the blankie so when he left, i didn't hear him. and missed out on the kisses. that made me very sad and i waited at the front door all morning. how rude, right? he couldn't have at least left me a post-it. 

you sneaky dad!!!... *sigh*

and then, guess what? he decided to impose his sporty ambitions and made me go for a run. i threw a tanty in the middle of the streets. some kind lady stopped dad and told him kindly in japanese "i think he doesn't want to walk." you don't say, lady!! i've been trying to tell him for two blocks!! 

but dad pushed on and we completed a loop around the block with him half-carrying me. and we got caught in the rain and got all wet. it was all very pathetic. when he told mummy, she felt bad for me and offered to "take me for a walk in the day" instead. so far, we've "taken a walk" to the kitchen for some snack. and sometimes around the foyer which is nice and toasty..

happy weekend!!


  1. awwwwwww.
    just awwwww.

    I wish I could have pets here, but I'm not sure my boss would approve of bringing a puppy to the office...

  2. @Ms.Godzilla

    he doesn't get to come to the office unfortunately! :)

    we adopted him from the shelter - ark tokyo! he's a munchkin!

  3. cute! it's so funny when they just plop down and stop. i've had to drag my doggie before because of it.

  4. awww muu-kun is just too adorable! I just want to give him a biiiig hug!

  5. @cynthia

    so embarrassing innit? makes us feel like we're torturing out dog!!


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