Wednesday, November 9, 2011

let's talk about clutches..

i love love love love clutches. i love that they're tiny (or in this case, not so tiny). i love that because they're tiny, they can come in the most outrageous colors, pattern, material. 

i love how delicately ladies urm.. clutch on to them. i love the simplicity it portrays. i love the lifestyle that involves clutches. (think dinner parties, cocktail dresses, brunch, red lipstick...) i've been recently obsessed with the leather slouchy clutches from american apparel & the super sequinned ones everywhere. i would take a picture of my uber cute clutch collection, but the husband reads this blog. and what he doesn't know, doesn't hurt him.


i can't carry clutches. i have an inate "worrying mother" syndrome. i need an extra lipbalm, pack of tissue, walking ballet flats, scarf in case it gets chilly, keys, iphone, camera.. you know? everyday things that do not fit into clutches. 

even for dinner parties, the husband rolls his eyes (discreetly, of course) when i decide to carry a clutch. cos it would always involve me sticking a million and one things into his bag, just in case. cue the "why do you need an extra set of keys?" discussion. "would you not be coming home with me?? cos you might go to the grocery store to pick up milk? in your evening dress?? at midnight??" men. they just don't get it.

am i the only one??
how do you make clutches work in daily life?
or do you like me carry a chic clutch and 3 other little bags to hold everything you need?



  1. funny thing i was just mulling over the chanel lambskin bowling yesterday given my upcoming trip to london... was hoping to sneak in a clutch in my to-buy list :)

    My main criteria is that it has to at least be able to hold my camera, phone, cash and keys. Which means tiny clutches are out :(

  2. if i'm at a dinner event, i'll dump my camera into the hub's suit/tux pocket!

    my clutch needs to keep my phone, cash, tissues and a lip balm.

    anything else, like keys, cigs... goes straight into the hub's suit pocket. :)

    i have a clutch which is so tiny (useless), that my friend lamented that it cant even keep a 30cm ruler

  3. i love clutches too! i love how they look and how it styles your outfit so well. i have the same problem that i want to stuff it with tons of stuff so I move to a bigger clutch, which is then just too heavy to "clutch"!! instead of a chic look, i feel clunky and awkward :(

  4. @kennytricia

    camera phone cash keys! :) all essentials! my list is so much longer, tissue pack, lipbalm, lipgloss, and a tonne of things i would miss if i didn't bring them out!!

    i wanna see your new purchases when you come back!!


  5. @ohmyomiyage

    omg! me too! i just got a slouchy pouch that i stuff so full it looks like im carrying a pillow out! blah!


  6. This post made me laugh because I'm the same way! I absolutely LOVE clutches, but I can't fit everything I need in there. The only time I use clutches is when I'm going out to the bar or when I'm traveling and we're going out for dinner. Otherwise, I need my extra space and I use my extra large purses.

  7. @Sugarr2518

    totally right!? im glad im not the only one that has such woes!! :)

  8. LOL I was just thinking about this yesterday. I totally don't use any of my clutches even with my best intentions in the world.

    My wallet is massive anyway, and on top of that I like to carry an umbrella (this *is* England), tissues, alcohol hand sanitizer, keys, lip balm, compact powder, eyeliner for touch ups, and iPhone!

  9. I need to find the perfect sized clutch. Not too big, not too small.

    Id love for you to check out my blog and follow along. Let me know- Ill be sure to follow back!


  10. @Jian

    that sounds close to my list of things that i lug out everyday! :) lol! i love the brolly part!!



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