Tuesday, November 15, 2011

dinner party:: some details & counting my blessings..

this year, i give thanks for my family, japan & unexpected blessings.

my family has always been awesome and im thankful for their health, their patience with me, their genuine love for each other. the sacrifice they individually put in to spend time together is remarkable. they inspire me to want to do more for them all the time.

naturally, my family includes my in-laws and daniel who has seamlessly fit right in with my peeps and love them as much as i do. they've always loved me for all my quirks and flaws and i can't be prouder to be part of their family.

i also am thankful for japan. it was never one of my top cities to live in. prior to meeting daniel, i have never even visited the country. but japan has been kind and un-judgmental. and has challenged me to try a tonne of new things, new cuisine & urm.. climb mount fuji!!

of course a huge part of japan is jen (and taro). daniel teases me all the time about it but i think he's just jealous. i used to wonder if i was the only person in the world under 30 that reads martha stewart and always felt a little silly theming parties & spending extra time putting a bow on everything. but i've finally found my craft soul-mate! and she makes me wanna do everything better! 

how do i explain the unexpected...

first i need start off by saying that im actually socially awkward. and i don't make friends easily so when i graduated from college, i told myself 'you have enough friends. you don't need more.' it also manifests in other ways like the way i love routines and enjoy going back to the same old places and doing the same things. it didn't help that daniel is the same way. 

but this year, i've learnt that you can make new friends when you're older!! its unexpected and refreshing. and awesome. through blogging i've also "met" a whole bunch of you. and you make my life so much better. and im very very humbled and grateful.

and of course, our unexpected little blessing - musashi. he makes me incredibly happy and fulfilled each day. and there are so many things to learn from that little one. so i might rattle on another day!

but for now, thanks for being part of my life! 



  1. You? Socially awkward??! HOW???

    But on another note, it IS quite lovely to be able to make new friends even at a supposedly older age no? It's so, so special because we all have this long history before now but somehow they bring us altogether. I've to say 1/3 of my friends now are new-ish friends and sometimes, I can talk to them better than old ones because you kinda start on a 'clean' slate with no long-held expectations.

    My mum's best pal passed away from cancer a couple of years ago and poor her, she sometimes talked about how she doesn't have a good friend anymore. :'( But recently, she made a new one! Who's been very sweet and showering her and my family with lotsa yummy goodies! Hehehe

    Why am I so long-winded this morning? I feel like I'm replying to our email thread...

  2. i take credit for you and jen being bffs hehe. miss you girls, i'm thankful for the both of you even though you're so far away! when are you coming for a visit? are we going to have to wait until april??

  3. Awww. Such a touching post. So happy for all your lovely blessings.




  4. i don't know what to say! i feel so warm and happy inside!! and on top of yesterday's post, you've really outdone yourself!

    you're so right - it's rare to meet good friends after college especially in a foreign country with less-than-normal selection. i'm so happy i've found a friend that will spend two hours looking at stationary without getting bored, will join me when i want a 3rd dessert, will not only give a helping hand on my DIY projects and parties but will take initiative when I'm overwhelmed by my own ambition!!

    you're one of the funnest, most energetic, and creative girls I know! you're my Super Segoi friend!

    p.s. taro makes fun of me too! haha

  5. @Yi Lian

    oh man.. totally! i hate hanging out with new people and the awkwardness of figuring out if i like the person or not!! :) i cover up pretty good don't i?

    awwww... your mum's story is so sweet and sad..

  6. @Angie

    thankful i have stylish friends that continually remind me that i need to revamp my wardrobe! :)


  7. Yeah so good that now I'm doubting how you are with me... Hahahaha, I kid. :P

  8. D'awwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!

    You know, just reading your posts makes my mornings light up a little! (I always catch up on my blog reading in the morning). :D

    You write such lovely touching posts!

  9. *Touched* ur post reminds me that I need to give thanks for what I have and not to harp on what I want. Thank you babe!

    YOU inspire me tremendously and to get into my crafty side, even though u are miles away.

    Though we may not chat as much as we used to, but you are always in my thoughts and will always hold a special place in my heart!

    Giving thanks to our friendship!


  10. @Yi Lian

    the awkwardness passed a few years ago when i crashed your new year party! i think we're ok! :)


  11. @Jian

    awww thanks, love! its nice to hear. sometimes i just feel too long-winded for my own good! :)


  12. @Yingjie

    new friends and friends from the past are awesome! :) everyone lends a special something to different bits of our life, don't you think! :)


  13. @kennytricia

    you're definitely one of my blessings! :)

    do you celebrate thanksgiving!?

  14. Aww... you are mine too...

    you have no idea how much joy your blog gives me :)

    Not really, don't really celebrate it

  15. Wonderful to count your blessings :D. I'm also socially awkward, felt it is hard to make new friends till I started selling my crafts. It was then that it was easy to meet and get to know many wonderful people and get inspired by them. Glad you found a craft soulmate in Japan :D

  16. Think we r all socially awkward in different ways.... Your blog gives me the happiness bug seriously that I really need now during my pregnancy! Stay the way u r! Keep those happy posts coming!

  17. @Joyce

    through crafts! :) i've not really tried craft selling (fairs and such) but i look forward to that one day.. maybe! :)


  18. @tihtahpah

    awww... thanks for saying that! :) go mummy! :) you can do it!!



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