Monday, November 14, 2011

dinner party:: giving thanks for daniel

happy monday loves!

did y'all have a fabulous weekend? remember i once mentioned, i have a girlfriend who is all kinds of wonderful? guess what?? she just started a blog named oh my omiyage and writes about cutesy inspiration and yummy finds! so drop in and show her some love. it's already chockful of cute ideas and fabulous pictures!! 

we were invited over for a dinner party over the weekend by her and her husband in celebration of thanksgiving. also doubling up as a birthday party for he-who-does-not-like-parties-or-any-sorta-attention, so we sneakily called it "giving thanks for daniel party".

check out the spread!! and everything is made from scratch!

cornish hen with au jus.. so deliciously juicy and tasty

sausage, cranberry and apple stuffing

roasted brussels sprouts

this is my all time favorite dish from jen's kitchen, truffle mac & cheese. its super duper! perhaps if i asked really nicely, she would share the recipe with everyone! do you like mac & cheese as much as we do? 

apple pie a la mode baked from scratch!
so so so so yummy!

and our just-because dessert :: strawberry shortcake.
am i over-using the word "yummy"? but this was super duper yums too!

daniel came home raving and raving about the food. i think if he could, he would have spent the night so he could go for seconds in the morning! he also received a "birthday gift" of ziplock bags from our lovely friends, which in his world is a pretty big deal! actually as im typing this, daniel is talking to himself in the kitchen about making the mac & cheese again.. lol!! 

and in the meantime, what are you giving thanks for this year?
i'll share mine (with more decor pictures) tomorrow!



  1. happy early thanksgiving! and happy birthday to daniel too! the food looks delish especially the roasted brussel sprouts!

  2. Your photos are no good when seen on a starving stomach... :'(

  3. omg i miss j's mac and cheese. happy birthday to your hubs! give everyone a great big hug for me <3

  4. @punkychewster

    you're a roasted brussels sprout fan! yippee!!

    will you be home for thanksgiving??

  5. @Yi Lian

    heehee!! it was super yums! wish you were here to share!!


  6. @E. Kay

    here mac & cheese is amazing! maybe i'll ask her to guest post so you can make up your own in hk! :)

    love ya!

  7. aww thanks for the shout out, zhing!! i was wondering why my blog numbers shot up all of a sudden! i'm so touched, and i'm so glad that you both enjoyed the food and the birthday party! :) as for the mac & cheese, i went a little overboard on the cheddar - it looks like string cheese in the pictures! but there's nothing better than cheese.. except for more frosting :)

  8. @ohmyomiyage

    hmmmm no such thing as too much cheese!!

    we had so much fun! still enjoying the apple pie..

  9. I LOVE the sparkly table runner... can't take my eyes off it!

  10. @kennytricia

    it took us all of 5 mins to make! we literally cut the fabric up in half! :)



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