Saturday, November 5, 2011

dear new york..

i miss you a whole lot! this is the longest stretch i've gone without visiting since i first "met" you. i've never seen you in fall. you must be super pretty with the changing leaves and beautiful sunsets. you know? i had a heart-stopping moment last week when i thought we'd be seeing you sooner. close... but no cigar.

but the husband is talking about marathon plans for next year - chicago, hawaii or new york. 
guess who im voting for! 

p.s. i'll be dreaming of you tonight!!

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  1. Oh I hear you! I have a long lasting love affair with NYC. Hope you get there asap! x

  2. thank you for visit my blog and your comment! i hope you would come to see my new post! i also follow you!

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  3. new york would be absolutely awesome! how funny! ryan is thinking about doing the new york marathon too and i'm all for it, except i'll probably be sightseeing and shopping while he runs! ;)

  4. NYC is indeed gorgeous in the fall ;) Come visit me next year!

  5. @Yi-Ling

    i'll definitely do that!!! :) yayyy how fun would it be to meet up in nyc!!



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