Wednesday, November 16, 2011

crafts:: gold dots stationery

i've been going all gaga over this polka dotted wall from oh joy.


but given that it would be difficult to hide big gold dots from our landlord, i've directed my attention to other equally cute gold dotted inspiration.

kate spade's cloverdale rose bowl. (see brilliant diy idea here)

kate spade gold dot chinaware

:: what you need ::
gold dotted office stickers
cardstock (i used ready made japanese blank postcards)

 and stick to your hearts content. i won't even call this a tutorial cos its sooo simple! :)

careful if you have long nails, the matt dots shows creases easily..

place the dots anyway you like! 

and they'll turn out super cute either way. 

i'll be looking out for glittery gold and shiny gold dots for some contrast. dots of different sizes might turn out cute too! :)

mix things up a little with some washi tape...

i think you can use the same trick on a kate-spade inspired iphone case!

i'll be linking up to these craft parties.
have a sparkley day! 



  1. frame these up and put on the wall!

    your landlord can't say no to artwork right :)

  2. you are the ultimate kate spade girl, love! i dare you to stick big gold dots onto those pristine white walls of yours. maybe the guest room?

  3. @kennytricia

    no hanging stuff off the walls! they're super fussy!!

  4. @E. Kay

    omg just the other day, i called daniel at work and it went like this::

    d:: is this urgent (in his serious voice)
    z:: yeahhhhh....
    d:: ok. speak.
    z:: kate spade has a maltese too!!!
    d:: really??? awwww so cute (in his not serious voice)

    lol! :)


  5. I love the big dots on the walls! Giving me an idea what to do with the baby nursery :) thinking of either turquoise or yellow (non-gender biased). Heehee :D

  6. @Sweetie Pie Bakery

    isn't it adorable! i wonder how contact paper sticks on the wall!

  7. @plyn

    are you not finding out the gender of your baby!? :)

    turquoise or yellow sounds cute!

  8. @zhing: oh we do wanna find out! My hubs is hoping for a lil girl while at this point, im just hoping for a healthy & happy baby :)

    Haha I thot of those 2 colours cos I'm just lazy to paint it a different color if I got both boy & girl in the future :p

  9. @plyn

    they're fabulous colors!!

    i can't wait to hear if its a little girl or boy! but either way... healthy one!!!


  10. Super cute! Love the idea about using it for artwork! Thanks for linking up with us and hope you join us again this Wednesday! Have a happy Thanksgiving!


  11. @Marie

    thanks for having me! :)

    happy thanksgiving too!



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