Monday, October 3, 2011

we're travelling!!


my mummy's in town and will be muu-sitting while we fly down under for a couple of days to attend a wedding, catch up with old friends and drink some hot chocolate! i'm really excited cos we've not had a proper vacation in a while but sad that we won't be seeing muu for a few days.

thrift stores & awesome coffee, here we come!!!


  1. Have a safe journey and have fun! :) I'm sure muu will be fine with grandma!

  2. @Jian

    thanks hon! :) im sure he is ok. the question is if we'll be ok! :)

  3. Aww have fun! Are you heading to melbourne?? If so, have a cuppa latte for me. xx

  4. @Pamz TT

    yes we are!! :) i will think of you when sipping coffee...

    wish you were there! xx

  5. Me too! We r leaving for hk tomm with the kiddos. :)


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