Monday, October 17, 2011

travel:: day trip to nara

as part of our "silver week" adventures, we decided to make a stop at nara. a quaint little town not too far away from tokyo known for roaming deer.. nara is a fairly easy town to visit, very tourist friendly and everything is within walking distance. we rolled up in the late morning, picked up a quick lunch of tonkatsu and were off to see the deer...

bought a stack of sembei (salted japanese crackers) to feed these deer.. 

we thought to introduce our little one to a little bit of nature and other animals. 
he loved their snacks. good start.

pretty cute but seconds after this shot, he took a nip at poor musashi's little bum bum.. :(
so the civilized japanese family were feeding and enjoying a bit of quiet and nature in the beautiful greens but there we were three of us, shrieking, sccchreeeming our lives out, flinging the deer snacks as far as possible from us. classic allender moment...

don't be fooled. these dudes are WILD!!!

after that, none of us wanted ANYTHING to do with the deer which was difficult cos they were literally everywhere. and musashi wanted to be held the whole time..

but we took a peek at the majestic todaiji temple. 

musashi was distracted by a deer slowly inching towards us. 

shared a sunset through the big bell with...

this family..


happy monday, loves! :)


  1. Aww poor Musashi! Must have been quite a sight though. :)

  2. @Erica

    i know right!? he was poopy the rest of the day. and we felt bad that we brought him to a place to be fed to the wild animals! hahah! :)

  3. last time we were there, while looking at our maps to see where we are, a deer came up to us and ate our map >_< lol

  4. @ourownact

    omg how hilarious! :) those deers are mighty fierce!!

    we giggled a little when we thought of musashi smelling like a sembei! :)

  5. Awww!!! Poor Muu must have been really terrified. I know I'd be if a deer nipped at me as I am now, let alone if it was like 10 times taller than me!

    But it does look like you had a great little adventure as a family! ^^

  6. Hahahahaha, I totally love Muu's expression where he was looking at the deer going towards yall. He's too hilar!

  7. Super LOL at last pic! SOOOOOO CUTE MY MUSASHI <3

  8. @Jian

    poor little guy was mortified. safe to say he won't be having any deer friends anytime soon! :)

    we love weekend adventures. change of environment from the concrete jungle we live in.

  9. @Tricia

    hahah!! :) he has the best expressions man! i wanna capture his "WTF"face! but im usually laughing too hard to hold the camera.

  10. oooo, i like the last pic of u and musashi. musashi looks like it's sleepy :)

  11. @tihtahpah

    either sleepy or immersing himself in the moment! he is such a silly dog! :)

  12. Hahah... muu is like 'i've got my eyes on you' in that pic with the 3 of u... and the last pic is absolutely hilarious... 'being on guard for deers is hard work' is written all over his face!

  13. i have such fond memories of nara, and the crazy deer. pls check out the next time you're there. it was a heavenly experience. :)

  14. @wanida

    ooooo looks yummy!! :) im gonna have to go again!


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