Tuesday, October 18, 2011

travel:: day trip to naoshima

one of the things i really wanted to tick off my list was naoshima, a must-visit for those who love art and architecture. its a teeny-tiny island that's speckled with the most stunning art musuems.

me, you and our doggie (in bag)

how to get there:: on the shinkansen, stop at okayama and catch the JR local train to the last stop, uno. catch a huge ferry (that takes bicycles & cars even!) and in 20 mins, we were at naoshima.

some awesome houses we bumped into while getting to bike rentals. "is everyone as stylish on this island?" i was already wondering..

we made a grave mistake by not reserving bicycles so by the time we were there, they were all rented out. leaving us the option of bus or foot. since we were adventurous, we chose to tackle the island by foot. the distances were fairly reasonable.

but in between the art-sites, there were a few beautiful homes, nice private beaches, many many hills and scorching hot tarmac. not the best idea, on hindsight.

we stopped for a fancy bento lunch by the water

the boys resting their feet near the chichu art museum, an underground museum that uses natural light exclusively to illuminate their works. some people visit on multiple occasions to see it in different light. chichu art museum is clustered with the benesse musuem (the main site) and the lee ufan museum. you can read more about them here.

outdoor art.


scorching hot.

i was initially keen to visit the naoshima bathhouse "i love yu" but in the heat, all i wanted was an ice-cold drink so dipping my toes in steaming hot water became secondary. perhaps we'd have to come back again in winter.

our punkin' in a pumpkin. 

chairs that reminded me of the tiffany bean.

boarding the huge ferry again.
our trip research was mostly done on benesse art site naoshima 

this way home! :)

so in our little weekend vacation, we covered a few classic spots. we found a pet friendly hotel in osaka so we used that as a base for our travels. we planned it that way so we didn't have to lug our bags between cities and there was always something familiar to come back to at night. i wished we had more time in each place to explore a little bit more. read about other bits of this vacation, in nagoya, in nara, and chilling out with family



  1. In Singapore at the top of th pinnacle@ duxton they have a similar seating installation ( like the Tiffany bean one but not silver.) love th dress!! ;)

  2. Seems like an amazing trip. I especially like your pumpkin in a pumpkin. So cute. :)

  3. @Yingjie

    there is a giant silver one in chicago! its hilariously big! i guess the bean is making its rounds! :)

  4. @Amy Stewart

    thanks for reading! :) its such a silly shot but i have it on my desktop now! :) xx

  5. Omigosh HOW FUN! I love that photo of your baby in the pumpkin, too adorable.
    This looks so beautiful, I hope to visit if I ever return to Japan.

  6. @Mo

    definitely a must-visit for you! you'll have a blast visiting naoshima!

    come back soon! ;) x

  7. oh! my friend also posted up pics of this place...i do wanna visit it one day :)i guess i shld go thru osaka?

  8. @sue

    we went from osaka but the nearest big city is actually okayama!

    if you look at the website, it actually suggests a 1-day or 2-day itinerary to help you prioritize the musuems! :)

    remember to book the bike in advance!


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