Wednesday, October 5, 2011


i periodically share a few cuties that i scored from magazines here and there but did you know that you get cute little things when you buy drinks too? i was so curious i traded my regular green tea brand for this one so i could get this little rilakkuma key thing!

rilakkuma = relaxed bear

after we bought the drink, i totally forgot the drink and was trying to figure out what this toy for. when the husband stepped in and demonstrated how to work this pet bottle opener!! it also doubles up as a beer bottle opener. coooolll!!!
makes popping open bottles such a breeze! :) 
super relakku!!



  1. This is so cool! something i can keep in the office for the Friday beers session!

    Will definately hunt this down when i head to Japan in January.

  2. @Janice oops!! the husband just told me it's a can opener (coke can) not bottle!!

    Oops!! Will edit it when I return!! ;) xx

  3. Hello Zhing,

    here are some ingrid's songs -


    You and I:

    Can't help falling in love (not her own song, but totally love her version):


  4. @szewei

    thanks so much sze wei! it helped this morning in my post vacay clean up panic!



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