Monday, October 3, 2011

our weekend in pictures:: nagoya

we had a long weekend last week. and so, we packed our bags, hopped on the train ticked off a whole bunch of places - nara, osaka and naoshima. but before the big adventures, we stopped by nagoya to visit the family for a day. here are a few snaps from nagoya ::

muu, the seasoned shinkansen traveller. snoozed and came out for a snuggle..

remember this little baby? he is all toddler-like, walking and always up to some mischief. 

revisited the factory

 where the husband worked as a diligent japanese worker bee during his vacation...

each place in japan has unique designs on their man-hole covers. and in nagoya, its urm.. an ant!

took musashi for a 2 hours walk along the river. way too adventurous for our city dog.

and enjoyed a little bit of the country-side and fresh air.

and in the evening, the entire clan went out for a boisterous dinner of yaki-niku (grilled meat) and soju leaving the men tipsy and red, engaging in copious amount of dog-hugging and baby-kissing. 
it was hilarious and we miss being around family.  
nagoya is always good for the heart.



  1. Musashi looks ADORABLE in the first pic! And I like how it's becoming a seasoned traveller!

  2. @Nise en Scène

    he's gotta deal with his travel-crazed parents! we try to see a new place each weekend!

  3. Are these Daniel's relatives? Is he half-Japanese or something? Can't seem to figure it out ;)

  4. @Dee

    they are daniel's host family from when he was a wee little boy!

    but daniel is half pinoy-chinese! :)

  5. ooh! love the manhole cover! completely reflects their work ethic huh?


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