Monday, October 31, 2011

our weekend in asakusa

since we didn't have any major plans this weekend, we decided to play tourist. so we hopped on our bicycles, braved a little drizzle and ended up in asakusa! boy was it busy. like good tourists, we picked a souvenir for muu and had a lovely arvo wandering around the temple grounds. i love spontaneous day-trips!!

musashi prefer to be transported in his basket. spoilt..

little girls dressed up in lovely kimonos. 
love how the little one on the left has her legs popped up! :) 

the husband wanted his own satorialist moment. 

have a wonderful week ahead, sweetpeas! :) 



  1. I remember visiting Asakusa! It was full of Japanese tourists and we went for a ride in those carts, pulled by a guide round the town - crazy!
    Even with all those amazing temples, my favourite part was this little shop bursting full with waving many of them..

  2. looks like a great weekend you had! And I totally miss going to Japan after seeing your pictures

  3. @iroirocrafts

    you did! :) that's sooo cute! we wanted to but its was pouring! we'll have to do that again! :)


  4. @Pop Champagne

    japan's wonderful like that! im sure we'll miss it if we leave japan!!

  5. Complete with his Vibram 5-fingers, how awesome! Hahahahaha

    Very American-dressing you! Loving the pumps - are they leopard prints? I've only just ventured into my first leopard print anything. I have so much trepidation venturing into the animal skin area!

  6. @Yi Lian

    yeah! :) aren't they awesome!? :) what did you get? a bag? a scarf? xx

    ps. i totally know what you mean! the entire time i had riz low's voice in my head! haha!

  7. pray do you ride in heels? and looking good after a ride... =)
    ps: love the fact that Muu only wants to be transported in the basket carrier! lazy!

  8. @Janice

    haha! i do that all the time! (which probably explains why the soles of my shoes are all messed up too!)

    if muu were given a choice, he would stay home, snuggled into a warm blankie all day. every day. he's a lazy bug!

  9. A pair of loafers but only the top part is leopard... It's been getting a bit of compliments so I feel a little more confident now!

    I like leopard prints on unexpected items - like on a pair of masculine loafers, boy's satchel or hem detailing on a sharp blazer... Nothing too feminine, if not I'll just look like a whore... :'(

  10. Love your outfit...

    I always have this problem, i wana dress up, but K only wants to be in his berms and Ts all the time. So i end up not getting the chance to dress up!

  11. @kennytricia

    same problem! :) but it doesn't deter me! i still dress up and he still wears his berms, tee and five finger shoes all the time! haha!!

  12. No they're not! If they're pointy stilettos then worse lah! But you're rocking them anyway. ;)

  13. @Yi Lian

    huzzah! :) i had no clue about the theories of leopard prints when i got them. just thought they looked cute!!

    stamp of approval!!!


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