Saturday, October 15, 2011

letters from doggie:: nineteen

happy sunday!! grandma just made me this awesome polka dotted sailor collar! imma get my daddy to take pictures so i can show off. but today is not about me! im gonna show you my pals! :) 

a while ago, mummy helped me organize a giveaway to my doggie pals. and some of them are pretty nifty with the internet and sent me some pictures!!

precious in pink.

 chica who just had a little big doggie surgery. she is a brave chica! 

 willow who had to cuddle with my letter instead!
should have sent them two!!

little munchball, maki :)

waffle-chan was so excited. 
can you see his toys in the background? he's a lucky man!

and he gave me a hi-five too!

you know some people say 'giving is much better than receiving'. 
they speak the troooooth! :)



  1. You made so many paw-pals happy that day :)

  2. @Janice

    paw pals! :) teehee! :) i think maki is the teeny tiniest of muu's pals!!

  3. @kennytricia

    when you get a doggie, we'll definitely make a special one for yoU! :) xx


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