Sunday, October 9, 2011

lazy outfits on weekends

threw on a few of my essentials and im off to brunch!

im wearing my pajamas (the softest bamboo cotton ever) with shorts.

oh! and zero make-up. is a written offense in our ward. i think its a silly rule but women MUST wear make up when they step out of their homes. then again, im wearing white shorts in fall and my crummy jammies. so i guess that's a triple offense. 

and this awesome charm bracelet my friend, yilian made for me.
it has a nice drape on my wrist & the tassles...i love!!

on weekends, we wake up late, we snuggled in lots and do a little bit of reading. no one cleans, no one washes dishes. and everything is in a mess. but the beautiful good kind of mess. we don't schedule anything in on weekends before four pm.
what's your weekend routine?


  1. *blush* I never really knew you'll wear it! I'm loving the colours on your tanned skin! :D

  2. Btw, jammies seriously?! How cool is that! But luckily your kinda jammies are not what the Shanghainese wears to the streets, hahaha! Have you heard of that cultural phenomenon where they do? I saw a couple when I was there and was really amused!

  3. You look so cute - what a lovely outfit. Yi Lian the bracelet is amazing! xxx

  4. @Mrs. Exeter, thank you! It's been a long while since I've been crafting and I do miss it... :)

  5. Nice outfit; love the bracelet - couldn't tell the tee was part of your PJs...

    Weekend routine...doing nothing is bliss...just watching TV in our "beautiful mess" too...!

  6. what the....?? that bracelet was MADE?! damn. they remind me of this online store called PInc. The lady (Penelope) who makes them, her stuff sells like hotcakes. Friggin annoying cause i'm too slow. How awesome to be able to make your own!!!!

    p.s: Pffffffttt!! Your crappy outfit and no make-up get up is awesome can? I wouldn't even bother with the scarf around my neck. Comfort before style always! Yaaay!

  7. @Yi Lian

    i've worn it soooo many times actually but this is the only time i made daniel take pictures. jammies and all!

    p.s. i own those jammies too. but i'd never wear them out. my classic one is this baby blue flannel with pink poodles all over it. daniel was floored when i first wore it! hahaha!! :)

  8. @Mrs. Exeter

    you're too kind! but yes! yilian makes the most AMAZING things. you should see her necklaces. they're so anthropologie but much more fun!


  9. @astrorainfall @ beauty box

    aik! i read your FB status about chillin' out on weekends!! you deserve a long rest after all the awesome parties! :)

  10. @guerrrilla

    im surrounded by such amazing friends! :) wish she still sold her wares online. im sure they would sell like hotcakes too! :)

    p.s. i suddenly rem this other wedding shoe brand "loe and behold" if you have not purchased them, you could check them out. the lady is amazingly sweet!



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