Thursday, October 6, 2011

the husband:: a tee a day...

one of my ah-mazing blog readers commented a while ago, "we don't ever see your husband!" nicely put, honey... if you're sick of my face, just say so! :) but seriously, the husband loves being behind the camera. he gets embarrassed when i write about him. and a little sensitive. and a little "omg! if my clients read about this, they would NEVER take my advice seriously again" kinda way. so after thinking long and hard, i asked him permission to "write a special feature on his daily style". 

his wardrobe is filled with multiple pieces of the same shirt. so if you know us in person... yes we do laundry. but the man owns 10 black polo tees with slightly different details. the one thing that he varies a little is his tee-shirts! here are some of his favorites!

his haiku tee.

guess what?? 
(answers at the end of this post)

guess what again?

i might have made a slight comment that his boring poses so he changed things up a little. 

this kuma (japanese for bear) shirt.

this one, he wore when we first started dating. 
i stared at it all night but only got it when i got home. at 3am, it made me laugh a lot.

he might never be america's next top model. 
but his pose made me laugh! :)

wanna know a little secret? we own multiple pieces of these tee-shirts!!! lol.
hope you liked the little sneak peek into his closet.
what's your favorite item in your man's wardrobe?

p.s. the answers:: two - spacebar | three - beatles |



  1. cute :)

    i quite like the hub's standard wardrobe of polo tees and shirts though, leaves room for more of my stuff :)

  2. lol. i love his tshirt captions. you might want to have a look here for some other really hilarious ones. My other half (though 30) adores them. :)

  3. haha D does look a bit awkward being photographed! prob afraid u'd repeat the race fiasco ("honey, these photos are... great") hehe :P

    i wish i were there to crack him up with my HK accent!

  4. one of my husband's favorite shirts is the haiku shirt as well!

  5. @kennytriciaI see what you're sayin'! But I wished there was a few boyfriend cardis or slouchy manbags I could borrow in his wardrobe! ;)

  6. @la chamelle thank you very mucho!! says Daniel! He's mighty pleased! ;)

  7. @Tricia oh you should have been! Actually.. Wished you were here period! ;)

    Missing you in Australia!!! ;)

  8. @maemakes it's awesome! I read it and giggle each time I see it! It's ridiculous!! Xx

  9. @kt a complete reflection of his sense of humour!! Sigh..

  10. hahaha he has great tee shirts!! justin is huge tshirt guy. well, he pretty much never wears anything else. i had to drag him to H&M to get him some decent preppy looking sweaters. then he just looked like harry potter. so that was the end of that.

  11. @punkychewster

    sweaters.. ahh! i'll be so darn pleased the day he agrees to sweaters!

  12. He's a huge threadless fan huh! My husband and son have a couple of these as well, with the bear-bee one as matching father-son tees :)

  13. @BeanBean

    yes he is! :) i love the bear-bee one! we got him a few replacements through the years! :)


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