Saturday, October 29, 2011

home lusts:: a white space

i've been craving for a space of our own recently. in a big way. i even started imaginary house hunting. i know. it's right up there next to "caught writing mrs orlando bloom in my diary by husband". sad but true.. the house hunting thing, not the diary bit. my husband doesn't look into my diary. ;) 

but seriously now, i really want somewhere i can paint, decorate and put our stuff up on our walls. 
i was completely floored by this apartment, spotted on atlantis home, a while back...

so effortlessly chic!! the natural light is glorious!! and i love the faux rug on the floor...

pillows as headboard...

and a dress form wearing a tulle skirt.

when can i move in?



  1. Love your post. :) I am kind of obsessed with decorating my house with white. It's only white in my bedroom, so I guess I'll do the rest of the house when the kids get bigger... lol.

    Have a great day!


  2. BTW, I've joined and am following your blog now! :)

  3. @ACC

    me too! it makes the spaces look so airy and clean!!

  4. @AdamAlexMommy

    i know exactly what you mean! i don't have kids but one little dog and my house is no longer white! :*(

  5. Thank you for commenting on my blog.^^

    The bed where pillows form a line is very wonderful.
    A good dream seems to be seen every day.


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