Tuesday, October 25, 2011

felt tassles tutorial - inspired by hermes

sometimes my projects aren't that well planned. this one is an example of one of them. 

smooshy felt tassles for my little bag!

i was reading a vogue magazine at 6am (musashi needed use the bathroom so i had to let him out & i couldn't go back to bed after..) when i noticed leather tassles in quite a few things. fashion is a funny thing. they inspire each other all round and next thing you know, wham! everyone and their mother has tassles on them! 

it made me think of the leather tassles i love from hermes. 

and then on loewe.

and then on these awesome shoes.
p.s. my grammy calls these "party shoes" with such disdain, usually followed by "when are you going to stop torturing your ankles." ah the joy! :)

 what you need:: hot glue gun, cutting tools, ruler, keyring (or in my case, a stationery ring) & felt

cut a 7 " by 5" strip. fold over leaving an 1/2" allowance at the top. hot glue it down.

cut 1/3" strips (or any thickness you like). i used freehand but if you like you can mark it with a fabric pen first.

using another short piece of felt and secure it at the start of the tassle. 
p.s. i wanted mine to dangle two tassles from the bag. so my measurements were 15" in length.

i made my second tassle in powder blue & attached it to the other end of my felt.
i really really wanted violet or purples with orange. but didn't have any felt in that color at (once again) 6ish-freaking am in the morning. next time, maybe! :)

double it over the key ring and secure with a tiny scrap. you're done!

you can add trimmings to it to make it alittle fancier...

love! :)

and now to down a cuppa joe and conquer the world!!

p.s. i share my crafts here!



  1. That is so awesome! I love how easy they were to make! Thanks for sharing the tutorial. I am so happy that you did!

  2. So cute! you did a great job there.

  3. These are adorable. Would love for you to share this with us, we have a link party on Wednesday. Also, thank you for linking up to Sunday Social.
    new follower,

  4. @trishie

    Thanks so much! I'd make them a little shorter the next time!! :)

  5. @Kim @ The Sasse Life

    sounds fun! :) i'll be checking out your blog link tomorrow!

  6. Awww I love these! I wish I had more time to get my creative on!

  7. Cute tassles. Love the DIY.


  8. @Jian

    i know what you mean. my list of crafts is ever expanding!! not enough time in a day!!


  9. i have no idea why my previous comment is not showing :(
    Anyway i just want to say, this is beyond adorable!
    And u make me want a black bal even more!

  10. @samantha-evons

    i got it now!! :) haha... and vice versa. im eyeing a tan hermes! :)


  11. Love them - they are just the perfect thing for the bag!!

  12. Like! Like! I have been so inspired by this girl on Project Runway (from Trinidad & Tobago) - she learnt to sew just four months ago and now she's aceing projects (as of 2 weeks ago) on the show! U can consider!

  13. @Nise en Scène

    She sounds awesome! i've never watched project runway actually! We don't get american tv here!!

    but now im so inspired i wanna youtube this girl!! :)

  14. @Jenn

    thanks! :) its an oldie but goodie definitely!

  15. Gotta love Hermes' illustrations... think it would look better using a thinner fabric? Cos its a little chunky with felt..

  16. @kennytricia

    yeah i agree with you! i'm especially disturbed by the stem!! it looks too fat! :)

  17. These are great! Tassles are so in right now, and what better than to make your own!
    I'd love for you to link up to my very first Fresh Friday Link Party!

  18. GORGEOUS! LOVE this idea! Thanks for sharing the tutorial. Visiting from TT&J :) I would love for you to link this up to my fashion party! It's called DIY Diva Thursdays and we party Th-M every week. Hope to see you!


  19. @Kara @ Mine for the Making

    thanks for visiting kara! :) will check out the fashion party! sounds like a lot of fun!


  20. This is such a cute idea, thank you for shairng!


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