Thursday, October 20, 2011

fall shopping haul:: zara kids

i've been updating my cold weather wardrobe in the last few weeks and totally loving zara's fall collection this year. i already own a few pieces that im wearing to death but last weekend, i was with mummy when we decided to check out zara kids.

and their collection was equally fabulous!

totally digging this shirt!! 

deliciously slouchy knits. 

i've been cagey with animal prints but this one with gold buttons, i love.
more sparkley crossbody slings. yes please!!

there might also have been a few fur vests, which i know sound a little dodgey and show-girl-esque, that i added to my shopping bag and some awesome ballerina flats. super cuuute stuff. mum is bemused that after 29 years of feeding, im still an 11 - 12 size and the length of their dresses is just right.

p.s. am i the only person squeezing into kids clothes?

all pictures :: zara


  1. i've been looking at the kids/teens sections too!! hee.. and the kids' clothes are cheaper too.

  2. @June

    they are! and no need for alterations in length for once! :)

    check out the petites in the stores! suitable for vertically challenged people! xx

  3. hehe, i wear kids clothes too. ;)

  4. @miss.t

    yayyy! i love company! :) i was all awkward in the kids department!! x

  5. No you're not. Definitely not! I wear a size 11-12 or sometimes 13-14 too!!

  6. @Lala Nana

    cool beans! :) im so pleased im not the only one! i was kinda embarrassed for a second!

  7. I shop at kids department sometimes too :p my Burberry trench is for 12-14yo :p

  8. @Andrea

    high five! i hope they have similarly cute stuff in singapore. there is this pair of glitter flats that totes adorable. and very you! :)



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