Saturday, October 1, 2011

easy wall decor

remember this? 

it has been on my walls since june and i was getting a little tired of how it looks. so i ordered this cutie online and tadah! new walls! :)

love this quote! tossed in a few messy pompoms to fill up the empty wall a little..

reused a few of the old pomanders to frame the sides. and in the bedroom, from this::

i made it last year for christmas (see here for tute)!! out you go! :)

replaced by this new-to-me vintage map alphabet!

a completely silly story. me and my friend were tearing open our online purchases and when i opened this, i was so excited and was all "soo cute! i got a little piece of LA and SF on my map!! but why did we buy "A"?" and both panicked a little. shouldn't it be like "Z" or "M(usashi)"?
ahhhhh... "A" for allender!!

i hope the husband likes the new changes around the house!



  1. you know how most homes' wall decor stays for a long while like a decade. one very good example is my home, for half a decade at least and we put up things only during chinese new year. this concept of changing wall decor is nice! always give a "festive" outlook and fresh perspective being at home! i'll try it when i have my new place.

  2. UO! The A! A is for Andrea :P LOVE the new decor!

  3. @fenzc

    i love having easy to change wall decor! cos i change my mind all the time!!

    you definitely should. gives you something creative to work on! :)


  4. @Andrea

    lol! will think of you everyday when we wake up and go to sleep! xx

  5. i love wall decorations! and i leave them up forever too. :P

  6. @miss.tI get tired of them and wanna make new things the very next week!! It's funny!! ;)


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