Wednesday, October 26, 2011

ballet & chloe

when i watch the ballet, my heart skips a beat. the beauty of the footwork, the effortless lifts, the music and the movement of everything comes together in one heart-breakingly beautiful picture. 


i love this video featuring new york city ballet principal, janie taylor, wearing chloe spring/summer 2011 collection.

a little bit of me automatically rewinds to my dancing days in new york. our days were spent leaping around as bun-heads in our leotards, perfecting my jete, intrigued by the world. the bustling city faded into negative space and dance was the key subject of my life. as long & hard those days were, and i sure didn't feel as glamorous as she looks... but they were possibly one of the best days of my life. 

it has been more than a decade.
but the barre, the hard work, the bloody toes, the camaraderie with my friends...
i kinda miss all of that still. maybe one day, i'll wear my ballet slippers again! :)



  1. "Dancing days in new york" - wow, you spent some time studying or performing in NYC?

  2. @astrorainfall @ beauty box

    i was studying dance with a few of my friends in NYC in between JC and uni! :)

    sooooo young then!

  3. Your life is so interesting! I've not even taken a gap year in between school and university! I'd love to have just thrown caution to the wind and just gone with something I really wanted to do. Unfortunately I didn't have anything that I was super passionate about, or particularly good at.

    I think I need to find a hobby that I really truly enjoy!

    When I was a kid, all my friends used to go to ballet and I wasn't really so fussed. My parents didn't ask me eihter, and I never asked them. Bal

  4. Oops sorry must have hit something! anyway, ballet lessons were expensive. But now I think it's completely beautiful and mesmorizing to watch!

    If I have a little girl I wouldnt mind to pay for her ballet lessons! (or boy for that matter)

  5. @Jian

    i've been completely girlie girl and obsessed with dance since young. i loved music too and my mom was one of those that sent her kids to every single thing on earth! no regrets!!

    you can still pick it up now! adult ballet classes are the rage!

  6. I love ballet too and it is such a treat to go to see a performance. I'm sure you can still jete the night away! :)

  7. @Mrs. Exeter

    i pretend i can! when no one is looking i dance a little for muumuu! :)


  8. Cool post!

  9. @kennytricia

    isn't it gorgeous! :) it would be so pretty to wear!

  10. woaw ! love the video. too beautiful for words.

  11. @wl

    isn't it! the dresses she wore are gorgeous too! can't wait to see them in stores!!


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