Monday, September 12, 2011

this photography business is hard work...

sometimes i ask my husband to take pictures of my outfits. 
more often than not, it has been awkward and goofy 
and has been a subject of angst between the both of us.
i've sent him countless emails with blogs i have crushes on, like the satorialist or atlantic-pacific, with email titles in caps::
but it's still work in progress.

one of the tips we picked up is that, the model always looks relaxed. 
but frankly, im the least "relaxed" person in real life & i have the BIGGEST grin ever.
so it has been a frustrating exercise in futility. 
in contempt, i told my photographer, why don't you show me how to do "relaxed".

his "model-looking-relaxed" demo which sent us in giggles..

our imitation of the "model-looking-relaxed" in our garden. 

thank goodness we're not a fashion blog here! :)
in other news, i miss my goofy best friend. 



  1. hee but we still enjoy looking at your photos, babe!

  2. Hahahahaha, Daniel's expression and pose DO look quite the typical models' from The Sart!

  3. @ladytricia

    i desperately wanted them to look effortlessly hot.

    key word being effortlessly! haha! :)

  4. @Yi Lian

    OMG! fuhreal!?! im totally going to email him at work now to tell him!

    i think you just made his day!


  5. Yah, totes!!! But the outfit is a different matter lah... hurhurhur *nervous laughter*

  6. But totally digging his Space Bar tee though (and what was the other one...)!!! Still very cool, Daniel!

  7. @Yi Lian

    did you see the haiku one or the beatles one? haha! he has the silliest one!

    i remember when we were first dancing, pre-dating, he wore this tee shirt with three running trees. and it only struck me that it meant "run forest run" in the middle of the night when i went home. and made me laugh aloud! :)

  8. Oh yes we saw the beatles one! That was awesome. Where did he get all these cool tees?!

    Hehehe, I like how he doesn't try to 'show off' his wares and we were too polite to ask but I couldn't hold it anymore and had to ask. Hahahaha

  9. @Yi Lian

    he gets a few of them from but the rest, from around the place! :)


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