Saturday, September 10, 2011

summer dress refashion :: a muu-muu

howzit, folks? 

today, im gonna share my vintage find of the week..

...  a shapeless hawaiian muu-muu!!

i thought the little coin buttons at the back was cute. 
& who can pass off on that crazy island print?

i had plans to chop off the bottom and wear it with a fitted work skirt but saw this cute dress and was curious... what if i left it as a dress?
so i resized it to fit my frame..

& shortened it to knee length.
and styled it up with some awesome summer shoes!
it was like sipping cocktails by the beach in maui all over again.

then i thought..
kinda looks cute as a pencil skirt too!!

what say you?? pencil or flare skirt? 



  1. I prefer flare skirt, suits the print better I feel.

  2. I intially thought flare would be the obvious choice, but then why not go progressive altogether, given the print is already loud. I thought pencil will be a nice surprise. I imagine some fancy smancy tea ;)

  3. i don't know if this ribbons inside the sides of the skirt. if you want pencil skirt curves, tie the insides together?

  4. @Erica

    im convinced myself cos that needed the least work too! just shorten and im done! hee hee! :)

  5. @S

    i like where your head's at! now to solve the bigger problem.. how to make a pencil skirt! :) lol

  6. @fenzc

    think that works for a bubble! not sure! have not tried.. man! i need to learn sewing from your mama...

  7. I agree with S! I like the contrast that a sharp pencil will bring to the loud fun prints.

    You can even formalise it up by throwing a blazer over, cinch it with a thicker brown belt and some power heels.

    Flare's too predictable! ;)

  8. @Yi Lian

    yayy! :) vote of confidence from you! its not too obiang right??

    i wore it to work with a tan fitted blazer and no raised brows from my students! yayy!

  9. I like the idea of the pencil ... Would be nice to have something fun under a jacket.. Paired with nice heels and ur wonderful smile.. Couldn't go wrong,, :) looking forward to see the finished product!

  10. @Yingjie

    now only to figure out how to make a pencil skirt! :) and im all set!

  11. i like it as a pencil skirt to give it a good shape/form. it transforms the dress into a smart chi-chi tea dress

  12. the print looks so fun... what about a tulip skirt? Takes some of the casualness out of a flare and some of the seriousness out of a pencil.. if i make any sense :)

  13. @punkychewster

    just thinking aloud... the mid section is poofy, i wonder if i can keep the poofiness and achieve the pencil at the bottom..

    i love that about sewing. always a challenge!

  14. @kennytricia

    i have yet to make a tulip skirt!! that's a great idea and i totally know what you mean!

  15. Honestly, I thought the prints were a bit obiang initially. But after I saw the transformation, seriously impressed!!! ;)

  16. @Yi Lian

    me too!! but i have a propensity for garish prints so i needed a second opinion! :)



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