Tuesday, September 20, 2011

shoe:: white sandals

weather's starting to feel like fall. but the heart still feels like summer.
im all open-toe sandals & sleeveless white dresses.

not 100% sure about the mcqueens
but won't they made quirky wedding shoes?



  1. ahh.. valentino heels... love... if only my feet were less fussy about shoes

  2. @trishie

    *sigh* shoes.. they make my mornings day after day!

  3. @kennytricia

    you gotta try valentinos! you hardly feel the height in them! :)

    p.s. not paid to advertise!!

  4. love them! funny u mentioned it cos i just packed my white bag/shoes away last night

    stay dry ! we are having a wet week in Tokyo :D

  5. @Yumeko

    i thought about following the labor day white rule.. but im still hoping for more warm sunny days!! :)

    remember to bring a brolly! xx

  6. Ooo lovely valentino

  7. did you know 'Leaping Lizard's' are selling off their business and took their last custom shoe order in August?!!!!

    i went running around like a headless chook looking for an alternative pair for the wedding. i saw a pair of nude valentinos (alas, no size!). you are so totally right about the height thing!!!!

    those mcqueens are so me. buying online is such a gamble though. *pouts*

  8. @Yi Lian

    is it not too crazy!? they look like a piece of art!!

  9. @M
    & @telmi

    i know right!? they make the best shoes! :)

  10. @guerrrilla

    for real?! why?! i thought they were doing well!

    see if they have it in singapore so you can try it on for size then buy it online!! (i've gotten stuff from net-a-porter and each time, its great!)


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