Friday, September 9, 2011

my pals

im working on a fun project this week not my regular kinda projects but it's special.. i think.
sorry to go all cloak and dagger on you but despite wanting to burst out and tell you all, i need to keep it a secret until end of the month!
(no mum, not pregnant.)

so far, the responses i've received are overwhelming. and touching. and sweet.
why are fabulous people are always surrounded by equally cool friends and family. 

my high school best friend is staying with us this week. and after not being in the same country as her for a better part of a decade, it felt so surreal hanging out with her in shimo. in a good way of course. and it got me reflecting on my team around me. gathered them from different places, various points in life and how grateful i am to be in their company. and you guys are awesome too. thank you soo much for your kind messages yesterday. each one made me smile.

when they say you can judge a person by the friends they keep, 
it's so very true.
how's your a-team?
are they smoking hot like you?



  1. i'm excited to hear about your new project! you know i'm going to try to drag it out of you next time we hang! btw - your post got me thinking. you should do a project relating to your B&B! maybe every guest designs a quilt square to make into a bag or frame or maybe they could bring something from their hometown that you can decoupage? just a thought :)

  2. can't wait to hear more about your little project (in style). btw, is that jen up there? our jen?

  3. @Jen :)

    you're juat teasing me right?? but i think that's a totally cool idea! :) haha..

  4. @E. Kay

    oh! i totally hyped it up. its not something THAT fantastic! haha..

    yeah. that OUR jen! she always has that little smiley face after her name!

  5. Can't wait to hear about ur new project. Makes me miss having u ard even more... :)

  6. ooh is this secret project what i'm thinking about?? i'm working on it! sending it out tomorrow! *hope it's not too late*

  7. @Yingjie

    lol! i might have hyped it up a little bit too much! its not biggie actually...

  8. @punkychewster

    yes its THE secret project you're thinking on! :) yeah should make it in time!!


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