Tuesday, September 13, 2011

mid-autumn love

growing up in singapore, mid-autumn was a big deal. 
mum would let us pick our favorite lanterns.
if you were "grown up", you could get a lantern with a real flame. 
otherwise, you get the nasty battery-operated ones that played music...

and then we'd have share a whole bunch of mooncakes and sip tea 
and admire the moon from afar. 

this year, we completely forgot until i received a text from a girlfriend!
then scrambled to get little glass lanterns made.

happy first moon festival, muu!

so we were the only people down the streets carrying lanterns...

and wearing 3-d holographic glasses from our wedding (just for some extra love)
we were looking pretty weird, to say the least.
even our dog looked suitably embarrassed by us... 

then daniel spotted and pointed to the moon.
and i instantly said what my mum (and all old wives) would say,
 'don't point at the full moon, you'd get a cut on your ear!!' 

i have no idea why!
maybe im really turning into an old wifey.. :)



  1. Very nice lanterns!! They have paper lanterns now that use LED "candles" so little kids can have paper lanterns too! Gone are the days where paper lanterns are only for nig kids. :)

    Happy mid autumn,

  2. @Yingjie

    LED!? haha! that's crazy!! i have to come home to see myself!

    did you buy lanterns and went for a walk too!? :)

  3. I'm glad I sent the msg... Got to see such pretty lanterns! I want one too!!

  4. It was too hazy here for walking outside. But we did have mood cakes and tea and tried to see the moon! :) I'd see if I can still find those Led candles and save one for u hahah

  5. @June

    totally! you should have been here! my wheels of my brains were already clicking when i was responding to you! :)

    and i went missing cos i had a hot glue gun in hand!


  6. @Yingjie

    its ok, dear! :) im content with our votive candle one.

    we'll try to score one if we're in singapore next year!


  7. the lanterns are so pretty!

    i'm one of those who prefer the battery-operated ones. lol! have a phobia for fire :X

  8. @ladytricia

    hahha!! really! do you like candlelight at home? if so you can make it for home!


  9. Pretty lanterns! Great idea that can be reused as vases as well. When i was studying abroad i wore summer kimono or cheongsams and went around with the paper lanterns. Very fun.

  10. @Joyce

    yukatas and chinese lanterns! that sounds like a perfect mash of both cultures! :)

    p.s. popping over to your blog now! :) xx

  11. :) niceee... haha lolz to Daniel's eyewear.

  12. @blissfultyrant

    you're not the only one! there were a whole bunch of drunk japanese men that couldn't hold their giggles in! :) haha...


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