Friday, September 30, 2011

letters from doggie:: eighteen

dear awesome people on the internet,

me and daddy had a few tricks up out sleeves.. we've been sneakily working on a project for mommy's birthday. if you absolutely need an overdose of cuteness (or sneak-peek of my butt..), check it out!!

you wanna know our a little secret? my clever daddy recorded the song himself! he has been tinkering on his ipad to get all the coordinating parts together in time. there's like the percussion, the base, vocal and oh i forget... but then we played with the funny sound effects and i heard how a monster would sound singing. too funny! (check out the robot & megaphone too!! teehee!) guess who did all the heavy-lifting and contributed the images?? - it was MUUMUU!!

it was hard keeping a secret cos both of us were so excited and wanted to hum the tune all day.
we played it at midnight for mommy & she loved it!!

wanna know what else she loved? 
ALL the comments you left her yesterday!!! 
so thank you very much for making it a special one for her. 

extra licks and kisses,


  1. OMG.... i have melted into a puddle

  2. how cute is that?! is that daniel singing??? loves it!

  3. Oh my god, this is so adorable! <3
    And Muumuu is so pretty!

  4. I love ingrid's songs and daniel is so sweet =)

  5. "i'd buy you rogaine..... if you start losing all your hair" ???!!!!!!! ahaHAHAHAHAAH!!! i spewed coffee all over my computer screen when i heard that. oooh my days *tears* the Allenders are sooo friggin adorkable. Dan is the man!! :P

  6. @Élune

    haha thanks! :) i realized how often he wore his red striped top out! :)

  7. @guerrrilla

    haha! :) love the song right? xx (and the man's not too bad!)

  8. This tops any jewellery in the world! :)

  9. @Yi Lian

    it does! :)

    p.s. i laughed aloud when i read the answers to my birthday questions! :) no wonder you're a writer hon! xx


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