Thursday, September 1, 2011

in japan:: "with" magazine & freebies

when the best friend was in town, she bought a japanese magazine, with.
and gave me the freebie that came along with it! 
check out how cute it is! 

 a mini stationery set

silver embossing with cute little icons.
it came with 2 postcard sized note cards & 8 namecard sized card..

a special collaboration with tiffany & co

everything came in a clear envelope case!

its so fun to see what freebies the magazines come up with each month. 
last month, elle girl gave away limited edition awesome tory burch digital cameras but by the time i heard about it they were sold out. 

why is japan the only country with such great freebies with magazines?


  1. i saw this Ad on train :)
    Anyway there is special magazine which is called "Mook"-magazine book for seasonal promotion. Sometimes i bought it too ;)
    You can check it here :

  2. omigosh. Japan is just soooo different, the mind boggles. ya know i minored in Asian studies for my undergrad and still find it amusing that the "currency" for marketing in Japan is "kawaii".

    they use blatant sex appeal in the west (which can be tacky and OTT). you know by now the Japanese are damn meticulous with aesthetics to the point of unnecessary sometimes.

    so i am not surprised you magazines come with the most awesomest goodies ever!! i can tell you, we're all jealous right now :P

  3. @AdeLheid

    ooooo that website is so fun!! :) and dangerous at the same time!

    thanks so much! xx

  4. @guerrrilla

    im always in awe with their attention to detail and design. sometimes i sigh when the shop girls insist on wrapping one single purchase in 10 layers of plastic and add a bow on it. but in general.. i love love love it! :)

    come visit after the wedding!


  5. @Yingjie

    such a classic judy to zhing gift too! :) very apt since she is the one that got me started of this bad habit!! haha!

  6. oooh I love it!!!! So glad I've finally found how to follow your blog my love. It is as fabulous as you are!!! Will add you to my followed blogs section for sure xox

  7. love japanese magazines!!! i wish fashion mags here gave such awesome free stuff. :)

  8. @miss.t

    it makes me buy soooo many magazines though, even when i don't read japanese! :)

  9. I wish they had the Tory Burch freebie in Malaysia ~ thnkfully Kino brings in many of the other freebies to Malaysia :)

  10. @saltvinegar

    do they have the full selection? im gonna miss this a lot when i leave japan!



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