Monday, September 19, 2011

how to wear an hermes scarf

or any scarf for that matter.. :) 

i've been playing around with my new scarf and it has been so much fun. (thanks, babe!!) i've done a few tutorials on how to use your scarf as accessories or bags. today i'll show you how to wear your scarf as the outfit! the best part is, its so easy and so much fun. and each time i try it, it drapes a little differently or it shows off a different part of the fabric so its like an endless fashion show!!

here are my favorites for today...

number one :: a tube top. 

paired with a pencil skirt (zara) & heels (guiseppe zanotti)

number two:: a halter top

held up by a necklace (tiffany & co), skirt (zara) & heels (oscar de la renta)

number three:: a slouchy toga

worn with shorts (marc by marc) & espadrilles (jimmy choo)
the options are endless!! and of course there are a tonne of ideas on how to wear it as a scarf or as hair accessories!

have a fun monday!



  1. hey hey,
    do you remember our "taiwan" scarf wearing adventure? i still have those photos! hee.

  2. @fenzc

    lol! destroy them!! :) i bet i'll feel like this about these pictures one day! hahah...

  3. no lah. this is a very improved, innovated, classy and classic version! beautiful. I might try one of these styles this weekend!

  4. u look great in all of them!
    But #3 might be a little too airy for me :)

  5. thanks ladies for your compliments! :) they make awkward pictures less awkward!! :)


    haha! i know exactly what you mean. but i like the asymmetry of the back!! :)

  6. Love love love this post hun :) You look fab and your legs look leggy!

  7. @Andrea

    low angled shots makes you leggier i think! :) buy yayyyyy!!! :)


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