Thursday, September 22, 2011

the dog day is over.

 ok. i have a problem. 
i think its absolutely irresponsible to post inaccurate information on your website and advertise it.we've been spending WEEKS on the internet hunting down pet-friendly hotel in osaka and there were a tonne of leads.
(here's looking at you, tripadvisor & all other hotel sites!)
but as it turns out, the individual hotels have a "no pet" policy.
last night i decided to take the proverbial bull by its horn and call them up to check but it was incredibly frustrating. 

anyway, so i sat at my sewing machine and made a whole bunch of these!!

they look like little christmas ornaments...

half of them were cuties

and the other half - the lads...

they're little bag pouches for doggie walks, made from this great tutorial by leafy treetop spot.
and this is musashi's. a little dots on the front..

and a little bulldog out back. 
(this cute fabric is gifted by tilden! xx)

so what are we gonna do with the other bags??
muu is sending them to his best pals around the world!!

"no muu, licking it a lot doesn't make it yours. this one is for waffle.." 

p.s. they're good for storing nursing pads too. i have no idea nor desire to find out what that is. :)

have a wonderful thursday!



  1. i thought they were for mirrors!! haha.

  2. @anniestar

    good idea! i guess you can store round mirrors too!

    daniel saw them and was all "eh! i can hold lens caps with them!" haha...

  3. OMG these are sooooo cute!!!

    It makas for a great tissue holder tt you can hook onto a pouch as well!!

    Are they only going out to doggie pals? ;)

  4. @kennytricia

    that's a great idea!! seriously should hire you guys to help me think of what to make!

    p.s. ya! for now! can't think of any human pals that need poopy bags! :)

  5. maybe for tissue or handkerchief holder...
    Put some ice pack for summer and also put you eco bag inside it when going to shop... :)
    anyway happy long weekend ^^

  6. This is adorable! i love the fabric with the bulldog...haha!

  7. @AdeLheid

    OMG! the ice pack & eco bag idea is brilliant!! maybe a heat pack during winter!! xx

    happy long weekend, hon!

  8. @trishie

    it's got such a funny face! :) a friend's bf gave that to him to make it into an outfit! :)

  9. Aww, Waff gets one! Hahahaha, Sue will be stoked!

  10. @Yi Lian

    waffle gets the one ith the most saliva. don't even know if thats a good or bad thing in the dog's world!


  11. these are great! if i had a dog, i would totally want one! :)

  12. @miss.t

    lol! :) you're too sweet! if you have someone in the family that poops spontaneously in public, holler! we'll send one over!!


  13. so cute! add a zipper to make a coin purse!

  14. @punkychewstere

    i have an irrational fear for zippers.. i avoid it at all cost.

  15. I love ur little pouches!! And agree of all the uses of these pouches. Love the idea of the lens. If its square can keep ladies stuff!!!

  16. ARWWWWWWW!!!! Hehehe T is mighty pleased that you used it! Should have seen that grin on his face.. bugger..
    Mmmmm I might borrow it from Precious :P

  17. @Yingjie

    that's an awesome idea! :) looks like this crafts meant for bigger and better things! :)

  18. @Andrea

    teehee! muu says thanks uncle t!! :)

    p.s. why would you need poop bags. is there something we should be talking about??



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