Tuesday, September 13, 2011

crafts:: glass lantern tutorial

we were so last-minute with our mid-autumn festivities that we had to make our own lanterns. as i was making it, i thought.. they're so pretty and easy! so i thought to share it with you. if you don't celebrate mid-autumn festival, you could...

use it to decorate your home or wedding with sprigs of flower.


or have them clustered on a tray for an easy table dressing.


or line your driveway with little votives to welcome your guests.
ready to make some of your own? 
what you need::
assorted glass jars
tealight votives
adhesive (glue guy/spray/fabric glue)
pretty paper or scraps of fabric
wire & tiny jewelery pliers  (optional)

wash and remove any stickers from the jar. i decided to go with a doily feel for our lanterns.
cut it to size and hot glue gun it on. 

get creative with your scraps! i have a pink doily here and a felt scrap from a curtain(!)
i laced them together with a thin satin ribbon.

fixed it on with a tight little bow.

more felt scraps for the other lantern..

done dolling it up!

if you're using it as a table centerpiece, you can stop here. 
but if you'd like to hang it, or use as a lantern... 

bind your wire around the neck of the jar.
carefully snip off the excess wire. 

wind the remaining tails around the handle. and you're done! :)

we're ready for a party!

p.s. linking up to these awesome craft parties!



  1. I love the craft links, i'm sure you know http://abeautifulmess.typepad.com/
    i love her style.

  2. @Joyce

    yes! she is awesome. one can only dream that i can come up with such awesome ideas like her!! :)

    keep crafty links coming!

  3. I love this blog and i love the craft art. May be i need to register to be your student ;-)

  4. @Chenda

    hi chenda!! :) i started crafting back when i was in cambodia!! you can totally do it too!!

  5. Just found one from a singaporean crafter. http://bamboopandalove.wordpress.com/
    I am so inspired by abeautifulmess ;p.
    Actually I started my blog so I can have an address to put up when i give out namecards in fairs, still feel strange to blog after stopping for years.

  6. @Joyce

    weehee! :) thanks for another great link!!

    would love to see more of your crafts! i'll be checking your blog often! xx


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