Monday, September 5, 2011

crafts:: bento box wrap & a guest post

good morning muffins!!
i have something fun to share today! 

for the whole month of september, a bit of this, a bit of that is hosting a series of handmade ideas and inspiration from around the world. im super thrilled because i am one of the bloggers (among pretty fabulous company) sharing a simple sewing project of mine. 

i first made one for daniel to bring his lovingly-assembled bento-s to work cos i didn't want him to be the only dude in the office without a warm home-made meal at lunch. 
naturally, all fingers would point to the non-japanese wife, no?

:: a bento box wrap ::

but since then, i found out that most of the boys eat out anyway 
so i've not been trying as hard! :P

it was my first sewing project ever 
so its great for ultra-beginners

 hope to see you there! :) 



  1. @Yingjie

    you can try this for your first project! :)

    make a bunch of 8 and they can be placemats too! xx


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