Wednesday, September 21, 2011

conservative in japan

when i first came to japan, daniel told me that it would change the way i dress. 

i did not believe because i thought "there is no way i would wear bright neon colours, faux eyelashes, dotted tights, frilly hoopskirt and goth makeup all in one outfit." till today, my opinion still stands but i've definitely expanded my collection of tights and these days, i wear my tutu skirts as and when i please. so i guess it has changed the way i dress (a teensy weensy bit).

(so i guess he was right, in a teensy weensy kinda way)

but something i didn't count on was dressing more modestly. 

disclaimer:: i understand that in that picture above, i do bare my shoulders, arms and if you scrutinize closely, there is even a hint of cleavage. i get it. but modesty is subjective. 
and to me, that's totally modest.

don't get me wrong. i never used to walk down the streets in a super mini and bikini top. but the me one year ago would NEVER wear a tank top under this dress. or throw on a cardigan in the heat of summer just because the dress is backless. or wear leggings with a skirt shorter than my knee. 
i do live in a pretty conservative country after all...

what i can't figure out is if its cos of japan or due to the coming of age*.
so help a girl out here...
has your style matured with age too?

* excuse this phrase. its mopey-its-my-birthday week. i get immunity.



  1. haha, thats totally modest!

    But i do cover up a little more now as i get older. There was a time when my wardrobe used to consist of just tank tops and mini skirts :)

  2. I cover up more now too, as i feel cold easily now compared to when I was younger.
    I like collecting bright coloured cardigans to add some contrast to my outfit so it doesn't look too boring.

  3. @kennytricia

    i knew you were my friend *hi five* haha! :) i know! my mini skirts aren't as mini as they used to be too!!

  4. @Anonymous

    me too! except i use the lethal (granny) combi of scarf and cardi!! im on my way to early retirement i tell you!


  5. Well i find myself covering up a bit more too...i don't wear mini skirts anymore & i'll wear an inner tube if my outfit is just a tad low-cut.

    And i like gyaru fashion. Haha!!!


    xoxo Pris

  6. i still like to wear short skirts...but now i try to balance it with a more modest top. :P

    i like how you've modified the way you dress to adjust to living in japan but you've still managed to keep your style youthful and cute. :)

  7. @seishouai

    i can't pull off the gyaru but you totally can! :) :)

    i think i can now conclude its not where im living but the age!!

  8. @miss.t

    i look back at my old pictures, tube top and SUPER short ripped shorts and heels. and i cringe a little! :) :)

  9. Ohh... Totally didn't notice the conservative part about Japan and Korea when I was there... But their dressing definitely encouraged me to go a lil crazy with mine! :)

    Btw, don't need to "scrutinise" to see your cleavage... -_-

  10. @Yi Lian

    how could you have not noticed babe! we were the only chest-baring, leg-showing peeps in the streets!

    p.s. thanks! its my BIGGEST assets. :)

  11. Hi Zhing!

    I also really noticed a difference in dress when I visited Japan. Everyone seemed to take care in the way they dressed, but definitely wear very modest clothing.

    One day I noticed that not a single person was wearing a sleeveless top, even though it was 30 degrees + !!

    In the UK, I can happily wear all my little dresses with bare legs/tights, though I felt really self-concious in Japan. However the heat stopped me from slipping on some jeans or leggings ;)

  12. @iroirocrafts

    i know exactly what you mean!! i felt very concious in summer as well in my summer dresses. i felt like i needed a hat and scarf and some leggings to show less skin! :)

    meanwhile, im all warm and sweaty inside! ahh.. the ironies!

  13. Actually, I think it was just you! Sue and I were conservative next to you too. Hahahahaha. I think the only things we bared were arms, hahahaaha! Loves you!!! XX


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