Wednesday, September 28, 2011

and it keeps getting better...

so my day started with a (not-so-little) diamond ring.. 

it just got better with a sweet email from a reader and two little babies sized of cute little plums!!
(3 months! i google that..)
i so want to yell out stats, details, proposal stories but its not my story to tell. 
so we'll just stick to oozy, warm, fluttery love to the people above.
im so blessed to be sharing your joy!!

also, i got awarded by a good pal, who blogs at elephantislove. i'll try my best. i don't usually do memes and im not very good at following rules::

one:: say "thank you" with a linking post (check!)
  two::write seven things about yourself (check!)
  three:: give the award to fifteen other blogs
  four:: inform them about it!

1. woke up to toasty chocolate croissant from the husband. loving birthday month!!

2. got tired of our wall decor. im thinking rainbow colors.. wadaya think?

3. favorite japanese snack - babystars. i think i love it also for the name.

 4. love candles.

5. he has four shades of yellow happening on his body. and totally winging it! :)

6. love scarves with tactile details. i play with the tassles all day...

7. reorganized my shoe closet to make space for moreeeeee!!

im tagging anyone who would love to give it a go & telling you now!!
so... done & done! :)

seriously how awesome is today panning out? 
here's passing you some wednesday luck!
have a good one, lovelies!



  1. The croissant looks so good, I really wanna eat one now :)

  2. @Vivian

    they're from a local cafe called chococro. amazing stuff, these stuffed croissants!!

  3. Love the shoe collection. And I'm a big fan of Yankee candles, my current fave is Island Spa. The fresh scent reminds me of pure, white, soft sand and sparkling turquoise waters.

  4. @Erica

    island spa sounds perfect!! they sound like a great combination of importance and yummy things!!


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