Sunday, August 21, 2011

summer cleaning

the weekend was spent cleaning out our apartment. the husband sorted through our digital archives of movies, e-books, bits and bobs while i worked on withering down our stash of less-used clothes. its very scary how much we own.

we are also ready for our next big trip! to celebrate our one-year mark in japan, we're headed home!! just in time for our friends' wedding, a new baby, spring-time and the melbourne marathon! :)

we love australia! 
interesting fact. despite us being soooo miserable that we have only urm.. a third of leave allotment in japan compared to before, we've done good! we've kept up with our average of five international trips so far not counting all the little domestic trips that we've taken. so i guess we should feel a little better about being here. but still that doesn't stop my brain ticking - should we fit in another little getaway in silver week!?! 

woolesseee! :)
have a fabulous sunday peeps!


  1. oooh! will you be in Melbourne this friday? Because it's the Victorian Salsa Championships! :)

  2. @Sharon

    awww bummer! no.. we'll miss that! are you in the competition??


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