Monday, August 8, 2011

wedding tip:: doesn't hurt to be prepared (and a little celebration...!!)

i love this featured wedding on 100 layer blog, everything down to the quilt, the dress and the double rainbows was perfect! but this picture caught my eye and brought me right back to our wedding day. 

let me paint the picture. 

me, type-a bridezilla twiddling my thumb, getting my hair and make up done. everyone else, running around doing something assigned to them in their 15 - page wedding manual. me, a little sad that i've not been needed to fight fires or do anything. everyone else, deadly afraid to mess anything up. me, bored. everyone, nervous. in creeps daniel in the nicest voice ever "urm.. honey. i know you explained this before but how are the boys supposed to fold their pocket squares?" (note: not him. the boys. cos i never get mad at the boys.) me, "page 4 on the wedding manual.. there's a step by step tutorial". him, "thanks." and crept away as quietly as he came. 

me, gave myself a little "wedding planner" five in glee.
me, back to being bored. 

i still think of bit of our wedding day with a huge smile on our face.
this might sound a little confusing but one year ago, we got married down under
we have a tonne of anniversaries and we can't decide which one to celebrate...
so we celebrate them all!! 

do you also have a few anniversaries too?
or are we the only weird ones!!
im curious to hear! which do you celebrate??



  1. We rem the date we decided to be an item a little better than our wedding date. Afterall, we've been celebrating that date for the last 10yrs :)

  2. @kennytricia

    10 years!! :) haha! that's a good one to remember! im feeling a little guilty now that i can't remember our dating "anniversary". ah well...

  3. We didn't want too many separate dates to remember so we combined our ROM with the traditional dinner on the same day. But the husband really only gets excited on our get together anniversary. =)

  4. We celebrated two! Dating and wedding. Great excuses to fine dine. =p

  5. @fernoftheforest79

    i wished we simplified the process and did all in one day!

  6. @Pamz TT

    exactly! we use that as excuses to splurge and go out and party! :) at some point, people get tired of us saying "we're celebrating our anniversary tonight!" haha!!


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