Friday, August 26, 2011

wedding shoes: a touch of satin & some sparkles

wedding tip:: break into your wedding heels before your big day. i've had a client who was hobbling the entire evening. not a pretty sight! and if you're expecting intense dancefloor action, put aside some wedding-worthy flipflops to change into!
i do and they makes me feel pretty & glamorous all the time!
do you still wear your wedding shoes? 



  1. funnily enough, i tried on my wedding shoes the other day and it hurt... i wonder how i got thru that day in them...

  2. haha... my feet probably got fatter :)

    Or the adrenaline of the day kept my mind off the pain :)

  3. i'm having custom sneakers made for my big day. i reckon no one bothers with your shoes cause they can't see it under that dress. plus!! i get to wear my sneakers again, and again, and again!

    i'm not used to wearing heels, but there's a place in Singapore called 'leaping lizards'? that can custom make any shoes you want. i'm terrified those shoes would be painful to wear!!!! advice? :D

  4. @guerrrilla

    sneakers are so cute and perfect for you! :)

    i've visited leaping lizards. they make great heels. but if you're not used to wearing heels, no matter how customized you might look or walk funny! :) give it a go and go with whatever makes you most comfy and happy! :)


  5. @kennytricia

    lol! i was totally a-type about my shoe changes. i had more shoes than dresses! that's sooo me tho! :)

  6. hey dearie,
    i just bought my heels 2 months ago and it's going to be delivered this early october. it's hand-made and above all, it's 4 inches feel like 2 only! :)

  7. @fenzc

    wow!! so fancy! delivered from where?!?!? i love handmade shoes! they fit like a charm!!

    i want peeeeektures! :)


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