Monday, August 8, 2011

travels:: pictures from hana

we took a little road trip to maui and it was decadent! we hardly did any research. all we did was rock up with our names and everything was perfectly in place.
ah! the luxuries of having little brothers!! 

my brothers came to maui to check out the local hideouts. 
and given their penchant for climbing and adventure seeking, their list included the most interesting recommendations, cute little private beaches 
and adventures away from the crowds!

survived the harrowing turns and tight roads on the hana highway.
but the destination was beautiful and quiet
the perfect honeymoon getaway...

where we woke up to fresh tropical fruits and macadamia banana loaf every morn..

had brekkie in our villa, bask in the sun, swam by the moonlight, 
beach hopped a little and caught up of some reading!!

our resort had a tonne of fun activities planned for guests, yoga classes, lei making, yukelele lesson... but sadly we didn't make it to any of their activities!

this trip, i packed super light! (so that i could shop more!) hence, i came with only two pairs of shoes, including these espadrilles which was fabulous for turning beachwear to something dinner date appropriate. they made me so much taller i loved them! :)

pop a flower into my hair every morning
and off we went!!

p.s. just a few more pictures from our vacay!!
and we're off to our next big adventure this weekend..



  1. oh my another adventure?!

    you guys sure know how to have fun!

    And love the giraffe scarf and white shirt. Its so difficult to find the perfect slouchy white shirt!

  2. wow u looked like a model in that pose! (perched on the partition :))


  3. @kennytricia

    this one is a little more casual and not that work appropriate. but i find uniqlo +j shirts quite nice and slouchy but fitted (if that makes sense) for my short torso..

    maybe you can take a look at their selection!

  4. @kimi

    thanks hon! so sweet to say! i'd die to have those killer legs of yours though!


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