Friday, August 5, 2011

travels:: my beach bag...

remember my summer tote here
so i didn't get to use it our vacation at all!! but im not too fussed cos my brother got me this awesome new one specially for our honeymoon!! i received it the minute we arrived and was inseparable from that moment on. it's water proof and roomy and perfect in so many ways... 

it was my shopping bag, beach bag, airplane bag.. 

i love the seagull prints!

thanks, sweets! you're a gem! :)

and a gifted little carebear charm. 

p.s. we were off to eat out hearts out at a local dim-sum joint!! 
hence the goofy smiles on our faces.



  1. Lovely bag! Your brother has great taste!
    Arww you brought lil care bear to hawaii! xo

  2. you look soooo much like your mum in the first pic! ;)

  3. That's a gorgeous bag and your look so pretty in your pictures! Hope you enjoyed your dinner. xxx

  4. @Andrea

    i sure did! :) and now its back on my key ring! its going to be brown and dirty soon. very still very well loved! :)

  5. @Tricia

    for real!?? i don't see the similarities!! but since she is pretty hot for her age, i'll take that as a compliment!! :)


  6. @Mrs. Exeter

    thanks so much! :) i was just glowing from all that love showered on me! :) xx

  7. cute bag!!! perfect for the beach! :)

  8. @miss.t

    it was! :) on the first day i was all precious about it.. but after that, wet swimmies, sandy gear everything went in! :)


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