Thursday, August 4, 2011

travels:: the hawaiian beach

my favorite treat in the entire vacation was having awesome beaches at our whim and fancy. in between shops or adventures, we'd grab our beach gear and duck out to a beach to chill out.

the boys would ride the waves a little..
and lie on the beach mat and read.

i could do this everyday!!

this one is just a regular family beach right outside our home in kailua.

me wussing out cos it was too freezing cold!! 

we have a little rainbow kite that flutter around so easily...

we met a few cute doggies just taking their daily walk and swim. 
and wondered how our little muu would like living in hawaii. 
cos i can't count the number of time we said 
"so tell me again why we're not living here?" 

the brother looking doing the daniel craig!!

thanks daniel for taking pictures while we were having fun! :)

now can we move there?



  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Oh man! Look at that sky... I wanna move there too!!

  3. Oh gosh.... The color of the sky, the waves, the distinctive sunlight.... Wish I could travel there too!

  4. @Pamz TT

    pretty huh!? i saw all the little bubs running around naked bums into the waves and swimming like a fish!! the beach is like their backyard!!! *jealous!*

  5. @Elina

    it was magnificent! the sunsets were gorgeous too! xx

  6. Those beaches are heaven!

  7. @dellyy

    they were! nothing like the singaporean or japanese beach!! i miss white sand and blue waters!!


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